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From a Student in Mexico

In late May a Mexican student reached me (via this web site) to ask a question. In his English class he had read some information about bats, written by me. For his homework he wanted more information--not about bats but about the writer. I was happy to respond with some details. And he soon reported that he had enough to do his homework well.

So this ended as a win-win situation. I was reminded of the strange and wonderful things that can happen when a writer gets published. Jose had read something that I wrote many years ago. It was in his English textbook. The publisher had paid me, long ago, to use a few paragraphs I had once written about bats. This is always a sweet surprise in a writer's life; work done perhaps 10-20 years ago, mostly forgotten, suddenly yields some income. And, in a roundabout way, it helped a kid with his homework!  Read More 
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