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Penguins! Strange and Wonderful

The Story Behind the Book

Some people might assume that I jumped on the penguin bandwagon, lured to the subject because of the success of the film "March of the Penguins" and then "Happy Feet." But the publishing world doesn't usually work that way. Like many people I've been fascinated by penguins for most of my life, and it was in September 2002 that I signed a contract to write this book. After lots of research, actual writing began in May 2003 and I finished in late June of that year. Then, as often happens, more time passed before the artist began to work on this project. The book was published in early 2007.

As usual, I'm delighted with Meryl Henderson's illustrations. She and I care about accuracy, and we both welcome the comments of experts--about my words and her art.