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Snakes! Strange and Wonderful


I'm not fond of snakes, but am not as scared of them as some people. (Recently, one of my cats brought a live garter snake to the house. Knowing it was harmless, I carried it down into the woods and let it go in a place where the cat would probably not find it again.) Research certainly led me to appreciate snakes more, and this book had an unexpected bonus: the perfect book to dedicate to two relatives who really love snakes. One is my son who lives in California (and who is always looking for snakes on his desert adventures) and the other is my nephew Jason, who has worked with reptiles of all kinds in zoos. So the dedication reads "Dedicated to Jeffrey Pringle and Jason Keyes, who appreciate the beauty and mystery of snakes."

Knowing that some people are upset by just seeing a picture of a snake, I asked my editor to show a non-threatening snake on the cover. Were my wishes honored? A glance at the jacket answers that question!