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Wonderful Reviews--and a Questionable Future

In each year, 2021 and 2022, two of my books have been or will be published. The reviews have been wonderfully positive. Most recently, The Secret Life of the Sea Otter was given a STARRED REVIEW by School Library Journal,

and was a rave review in other ways. Meanwhile Wolves! Strange and Wonderful was officially published on  November 2022. And Kate Garchinsky's art for The Secret Life of the Flying Squirrel is now complete, and ready for a spring 2023 publication.


This suggests a thriving career, but that is an illusion--I've had no new contracts to write a book for more than two years. Boyds Mills Press was purchased by Kane, then several other imprints were gobbled up, now under the overall name of Astra. No books from me are desired by Astra. If you look at the Kane backlist there are a few clues about why this is so. I'm exploring opportunities with other pubishers but have no solid, hopeful news yet.

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