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Another "Secret Life" book coming, about a Sea Otter!

The artist Kate Garchinsky urged that we team up on the subject of sea otters, and I finished writing the text a few weeks ago. (Alas, because of a merging of two publishers I had no editor to send the ms. to until two days ago.) I probably don't have to tell you how appealing sea otters are. The "secret life" books are narrative nonfiction, usually centered on a story about one individual. In this book she is Lutris (part of the sea otter's scientific name, the word "Lutris" is Latin for "otter").


Here is the beginning I wrote:  "Lutris takes a nap. She has been busy all morning, diving underwater to

hunt for food. Now she covers her eyes with her paws to shut out the light, and

falls asleep. Ocean waves rock her gently in her water bed."


Although here are many questions about my new, merged publisher, editor, etc. I'm hopeful about this book, partly because Kate will be the artist.


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